Types of Drug Tests in Birmingham

Drug abuse can take many forms in this world we live in and there will always be instances when drug testing of individuals becomes necessary, especially within the workplace. A drug test is actually an analysis of a specimen to determine/rule out the presence of certain substances within the human body. There are different types of drug testing available, including the analysis of blood, urine, hair, sweat and saliva. One of the most common types of drug tests used nowadays is that of urine drug testing as it is generally simple to collect the required specimen.

types of drug tests in birminghamMost doctors undertaking a urine drug test would suggest a clear line of sight between themselves and the individual being tested in order to ensure that there is no opportunity to meddle with the sample, so in some cases this might be an embarrassing time. But obviously if the individual is certain that they have nothing to hide, then this would be a small price to pay for the object of clearing their name of any wrong-doing.

Drug testing within the workplace has become more commonplace of late and this is probably partly due to the global recession. Employers can no longer afford to keep people afloat if they are not giving the job 100% of their time and attention.

In fact, drug taking within the workplace has more than just financial implications for the employer. It can also result in employees being far less productive, and also more than three times likely to injure themselves or others. Most drug takers find themselves also being disciplined almost ten times more frequently than non-drug users and this can also have implications on the whole work force due to the disruptive nature that ensues with this kind of behavior. Most employers would therefore view the cost of drug testing as being an investment, rather than an expense as it could save them a lot of money in the long run if unproductive employees are being weeded out.

On-site drug testing is a cost-effective method of these tests being carried out and carries a high accuracy rate, with the urine drug test being one of the most common methods used to determine the use of drugs. The testing of urine for drugs has been upheld in many courts now for over thirty years and by many is still considered to be the ‘Gold Standard’ for this type of drug test.

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