Toenail Removal Surgery in Birmingham

Ingrown toenails; we may all have heard of them, but do we know what they actually are and what causes them? Ingrown toenails can be caused by many different factors, including:

  • Footwear, (both shoes and socks,) which are too tight or too narrow, especially when worn frequently.
  • Not cutting toenails straight across, or cutting them too short. This can cause the edges of the nails to begin pushing inwards into the surrounding skin, and this skin can then become ‘folded’ over the nail.
  • Injury to the toenail, including dropping something on it or inadvertently kicking something.
  • Posture: the way we walk or stand can also have an adverse effect on our propensity to develop ingrown toenails.
  • Obesity and diabetes can also be determining factors.

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Treatment of ingrown toenails.

Advanced ingrown toenails can be treated with simple oral antibiotics. Recurrent cases of ingrown toenails could need minor procedures to be completed by a physician. QuickCare Family Medicine is one of the approved clinics where you can receive toenail removal surgery in Birmingham.

Procedures for ingrown toenail removal

If the ingrown toenail has not responded to treatment the doctor will possibly recommend surgical removal of part of the toenail (avulsion.) During this toenail removal procedure, the edges of the nail are cut away, and may also remove the folds of skin on either side of the toenail. Do not worry about the pain: a local anesthetic will be used. You would be awake but the area would be numbed so that nothing would be felt during the toenail removal procedure.

Toenail removal surgery is also sometimes necessary when there have been recurring fungal nail infections, (Onychomycosis.) If one of your nails seems to be thicker than normal and it looks white, black, green or yellow, or breaks into pieces when you touch it, then the chances are that you probably have a fungal nail infection. In certain cases the nail can actually break away completely from the nail bed. Although it can look bad, in general it’s not too serious.

Fungal nail infections are easy to catch, but the sooner you receive treatment, the easier it becomes to get rid of the infection. This condition is sometimes called tinea or ringworm. If you don’t receive treatment however, the surrounding skin can become inflamed and painful and there is a chance that the infection can spread to other nails. This can become more of a problem, requiring toenail removal surgery.

Whatever the reasons are for you needing toenail removal surgical procedures in Birmingham, you can rest assured that at QuickCare Family Medicine you will be treated with courtesy and respect. Please call us today, or simply walk in for further information.

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