Surgeries and Procedures in Birmingham

It is not always necessary to attend a hospital for some of the more minor surgery and procedures which a patient may require.

surgeries and treatment procedures

For example, here at QuickCare Family Medicine, we can provide the following surgeries and treatments:

  • Skin abscess/boils treatments.
  • Toenail removal surgery in Birmingham.
  • Pap smear tests at our friendly family surgery in Birmingham.

Skin abscesses and boils, while not life-threatening, can be nasty and painful conditions to treat. They are caused by a blockage to sebaceous or sweat glands, inflammation to the hair follicles, or from small punctures to the skin. Germs and bacteria are then able to get into these glands, causing an inflammatory reaction as the body’s defence system tries to remove them. As skin abscesses develop, the middle becomes filled with liquid, dead cells and bacteria. Pressure and inflammation cause pain and the surrounding area becomes red and sore.

People with weakened immune systems are more liable to get skin abscesses more frequently, because their body has a decreased ability to fight off infections. Unlike other infections, antibiotics alone will not usually cure a skin abscess. In general, the treatment for a skin abscess would be for it to be opened and drained in order for it to improve. Sometimes draining can occur without intervention, but in general it will need to be opened by a physician in a procedure known as incision and drainage (I&D). QuickCare Family Medicine can help you to deal with the pain by treating these skin abscesses by this incision and drainage procedure if necessary.

Toenail Removal Surgery

In general there are two reasons why people would need to think about having toenail removal procedures: ingrown toenails and recurring infections.

Ingrown toenails can be extremely painful and often render the patient unable to walk with any degree of comfort when they are wearing shoes. A minor incidence of an ingrown toenail will not necessarily result in the total loss of the nail; it can be treated by partial removal, (debridement.) However, if the problem is more long-standing it may be necessary for the whole of the nail to be removed, (avulsion.) Recurring fungal nail infections might also need a complete or partial removal procedure to the nail.

Toenail removal procedures can now be performed by your friendly family physician right here at QuickCare Family Medicine. You need not worry about the pain either as the area will have a local anaesthetic injected while the doctor completes the procedure.

Pap Smear Test

A Pap, (Papanicolaou,) smear is a screening test designed to look out for early changes to the cervix, (neck of the womb,) which may indicate a propensity for cancer later on. The whole purpose of a Pap smear test in Birmingham is to discover these changes at the pre-cancerous stage which would mean getting the proper treatment as soon as possible.

QuickCare Family Medicine in Birmingham can take care of your Pap smear test for you with no fuss and as little embarrassment as is possible, given the circumstances.

QuickCare Family Medicine also offers immigration physical and Immunization for adults. A medical examination which is required for all immigrant visas.