Preventative Measures

We should all be responsible for ensuring that we take appropriate measures for our own preventative health care and know that a positive mental attitude can help us in a myriad of ways. A positive mental attitude has been proven to assist us in many areas of life, not only our health. Enjoying a positive mind-set means that we suffer from less stress, are able to deal with issues more readily and just look at life in a generally favorable light. A ‘glass half full’ outlook, rather than a ‘glass half empty,’ if you will.

By the time we feel ill it is too late to start thinking about preventative health care and therefore we should all strive to get into good habits at a time in our lives when we feel most capable. This includes teaching our children from a young age that you only have one body and it is your responsibility to take care of it. In turn your body will take care of you if you strive to keep it in good condition.

We can also help prevent future health care issues such as diabetes, heart attack, raised blood pressure and stroke by keeping a careful watch on our weight. We can achieve this by eating healthily and including an array of different colored fruit and vegetables as a part of that healthy diet. But while we are all aware of the need for a healthy diet, the sad truth is that many Americans are not only overweight, but also classed as obese. Here at Quick Care Family Medicine, we offer a weight loss program as a part of our preventative health care services in Birmingham.

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Drinking alcohol is a way many of us unwind and de-stress, and provided that it is in moderation, it too will not have an adverse effect on our health. By trying to have at least two alcohol-free days per week you can increase your own preventative health care measures in Birmingham. You should also be careful of the amount of salt and sugar consumed within your diet, and look out for hidden sources, such as the amount of salt in processed meats and sugar which can be hidden in what we think of as an ‘un-sweet’ food, such as white bread.

Exercise also plays a hugely important role in preventative health care. It helps to keep our joints healthy into old age; helps with mobility; aids our lung capacity and therefore breathing, which in turn aids heart function.

But what if you still become ill despite taking your own preventative health care measures, and you find that you need the services or advice of a doctor? Here at Quick Care Family Medicine we offer a range of preventative care in Birmingham, including family planning, which obviously will prevent against unwanted pregnancies and also sexually transmitted infections. The full range of preventative care is also available for the uninsured in Birmingham, (at an additional cost.)

Another important preventative health care service that we offer is the pap smear test and surgeries and procedures.