Physical Medical Exam For Immigration in Birmingham, AL

It should not always be left until you are displaying signs of an illness to have a physical examination on a regular basis. Men are notorious for not wanting to visit a doctor until there is something wrong but if you get into the habit of having a regular check-up, then you can begin to build a relationship with your doctor. No longer will you need to feel nervous if you are seeing someone who you feel you can trust and who knows you and what your usual state of health is. This means they will be able to diagnose any problems as soon as they occur.

Planning a regular physical exam at your local Birmingham clinic can be a worthy tool to use in preventative medicine also. Seeing your doctor for a physical exam in Birmingham on a regular basis can help in the detection of any abnormalities such as a raise in your blood pressure or a sign that a condition such as diabetes may be imminent. A minor surgery and procedures may also be found to be necessary.

A physical examination can also save you a great deal of money in the long run. While some people put off seeing their doctor with the idea that it can save them money, it can in fact have the opposite effect. If you visit your doctor regularly, any health problems which may arise will be discovered quickly, thereby nipping the problem in the bud and ultimately saving you money in the long term.

Prevention is far better than cure so if you arrange a physical exam in Birmingham once a year, you can be safe in the knowledge that if a condition is developing, it will be diagnosed sooner, rather than later. Of course there can be other reasons for needing a Birmingham patient physical, for example during pregnancy or if heart disease or something similar is suspected.

physical medical exam for immigration birmingham

Sometimes it will be necessary to have a medical exam for immigration purposes and we can help you through that process here at QuickCare Family Medicine in Birmingham, Al. An immigration exam is carried out for varying reasons, including the need to determine if there are any health conditions requiring attention before an immigration visa would be awarded.

Some conditions which would be discovered during an immigration physical exam would render you as being inadmissible to the US immediately. These would include communicable diseases such as HIV/Aids, Class A Tb and if for some reason you had not received the required vaccinations. These are Class A conditions.

Other conditions found when having a physical exam for immigration may be ascertained as Class B and as such would not prevent the granting of a visa.  These would include certain physical or mental abnormalities which may be granted a waiver.