Paternity Testing in Birmingham, AL

Many myths still abound regarding the use of DNA paternity testing in Birmingham, and here are some of the most common:

‘Everyone needs to wait until the baby is actually born in order to have a DNA paternity test.’ This is probably the most common myth and is not true these days with the advancement in technology. It is now possible to have a non-invasive DNA paternity test done in Birmingham, Al. before your baby is born.

‘What if I don’t like the sight of blood or needles?’ Most paternity testing centers in Birmingham use a simple swab method to remove DNA from the inside of the participant’s cheek and therefore no blood or needles would be involved.

‘A cheap DNA test from the internet will be okay for what I want.’ These kinds of DNA tests often will not hold up in court and therefore can end up costing you more in the long run. It is far better to choose a reputable Birmingham DNA paternity test center and be assured that the results that you get will be true and correct.

‘What if someone talks about my DNA test and people get to find out that I have had one?’ All DNA paternity tests in Birmingham are carried out with the utmost confidentiality and only authorized personnel will ever get to find out the results. The only exception to that would be if a case went to court and the judge would need to see the DNA test results.

‘I can’t wait for weeks for DNA paternity results; I need to know as soon as possible who the father of my baby is.’ Most paternity testing in Birmingham will result in you knowing the answer within days and not weeks.

‘I can just get the cheapest paternity test in Birmingham done if I wish. After all, all paternity testing centers in Birmingham are the same; a lab is a lab, surely.’ Not all labs are the same by any means. It is always good to check if the paternity testing lab in Birmingham which you are considering has all the required accreditations. It would also be preferable to see whether the lab you are considering checks the results twice to rule out results which may be false. This will ensure the accuracy of a test which could have important consequences to the life of you and your child.

paternity testing in birmingham al

‘What if I cannot afford a paternity test here in Birmingham? They are very expensive.’ Again not all labs are equal. As in any form of ‘shopping,’ it will pay you to do some research first and make sure that the DNA test center you are considering using is affordable for your budget and also,( and most importantly,) reliable. This is why a DNA paternity test and different types of drug tests should always be carried out by a registered clinic such as the QuickCare Family Medicine Center.