Medical Test for Immigration in Birmingham, AL

An immigration physical is a medical examination which is required by law for all immigrant visas and some non-immigrant visas. It is also required by refugees and for adjustment of status applications. The purpose of the immigration physical is to determine if there are any health conditions at issue that would need attention prior to immigrating. While most people will naturally be worried about the immigration physical, the best advice is to arrive for it being relaxed and prepared.

QuickCare Family Medicine is a practitioner approved by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and has been conducting immigration physicals for more than nine years. It is even possible to take advantage of a same-day appointments system which is available, with results being ready in two to three days.

medical test and physical exam for immigration

We will examine you for any medical conditions which may make you inadmissible to the United States on health grounds. Some conditions which are classified as Class A, and would render you immediately inadmissible are:

  • Communicable diseases of public health significance, including, gonorrhoea; acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS); Hansen’s disease (infectious leprosy); infectious state syphilis; and infectious tuberculosis (Class A TB).
  • If you had not received all of the required vaccinations.
  • Those having on-going physical or mental disorders, where there is a harmful behavior associated with that disorder, or past physical or mental disorders, with associated harmful behavior that is likely to recur or lead to other harmful behavior, (
  • Those who are found to be either abusers or addicts of drugs.

However, certain conditions can be classified as Class B, which will not render you inadmissible on health grounds. Some of these Class B conditions include:

  • Physical or mental abnormalities, diseases, or serious/permanent disabilities, when waivers may be granted.

Being prepared before you arrive can help your immigration physical and medical test to go a lot more smoothly. You can help by:

Completing the required form, (I-693 Medical Examination of Aliens Seeking Adjustment of Status,) and make sure that you take it to your immigration physical. You may be required to provide a passport-style photo at your exam. (Make sure you check to see if a photo is required as part of the materials you take to support your application.)

You will be asked to provide proof of immunizations, (vaccinations). The doctor who conducts your immigration physical will advise you if you need additional immunizations. Should you have an on-going medical problem already which may impact the exam, make sure to take copies of your medical records showing that you are being treated and that your condition is under control.

The actual Immigration Physical: What can I expect?

You will be examined for particular physical and mental health conditions. One of the tests will be for tuberculosis (TB). There will also be a blood test to decide if you have syphilis and/or a HIV infection.

After the immigration physical you will be provided with the necessary documentation needed in order to complete your adjustment of status.

Should there be any irregularities regarding your immigration physical, you need to understand that the doctor is providing a medical opinion and can only make recommendations. The consulate or USCIS has the final decision on whether you will be approved. (