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Quick Care Family Medicine provides a range of health care services for children, adults and the elderly.

Doctors in Birmingham, Al

elderly care hoover alOne of the most important considerations when deciding which type of doctor is to consider what would work well for you and your family set-up. For example, if you have a baby or young children, you may wish to find a Doctor with a special interest in Birmingham pediatrics. Or maybe there are some seniors included in your family and you have responsibility for them. If this is the case, you would hope that your doctor holds a particular interest in the care of senior citizens. Most of all, you want to ensure that the doctor you do choose will suit all of your family, covering every stage of their lives, from baby and infants to senior.

Birmingham Urgent Care

Urgent Care Centers are open when you need treatment out of hours, or during a bank holiday, for conditions not normally associated with an emergency. For example, they will treat colds and flu; none life-threatening allergic reactions and asthma attacks; fever, sore throats and earache; and sickness, vomiting and diarrhea. While these conditions are uncomfortable, they are not life-threatening, and so urgent care centers are the ideal choice.

DNA Testing in Birmingham, Al

Unfortunately there will sometimes be doubt in a potential father’s mind as to whether he is the biological parent of his offspring unless DNA paternity testing is carried out. Over 50% of babies born in the US to females below the age of 30 are born out of wedlock. While it may be an uncomfortable topic to bring up, sometimes there will be a need to ask ‘who’s the daddy?’

Medical Weight Loss Birmingham, Al

2013 figures show that more than 62% of Americans are overweight. Of that figure, 35.6% are overweight, and 27.1% are obese. This doesn’t take into account numbers who are morbidly, (or super-morbidly,) obese. And now our children are also at risk. Discover how we can help the whole family to have a healthy diet.

Immigration Medical Test

Medical tests and physical examinations are something most of us need to undergo at some stage. The reasons for these tests are many. It could be that you have been generally unwell with something non-specific and the doctor recommends blood tests; maybe you wish to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, or alternatively need help becoming pregnant or maybe have to have a medical exam for immigration purposes. QCFam can help with all these and more.

Preventative Health Care

We are all responsible for taking necessary measures for our own preventative health care and that includes the need to keep a watch on your weight, try and take regular exercise and cut down on fatty foods, alcohol and sugar. These simple measures can be responsible for warding off a range of conditions and illnesses.

Surgeries and Procedures

QuickCare Family Medicine provides the following surgeries and treatments:


The main reason for choosing an immunization walk-in clinic in Birmingham would be that of cost. It is often a far cheaper alternative than going to a hospital or normal doctor’s clinic, and the wait time is generally around the same which you would experience at your usual physician’s practice.