Immigration Medical Test in Birmingham, AL

Medical tests of one sort or another and physical examinations of some description are something which most of us will have to undergo at some stage in our lives. The reasons we require these kinds of tests are many and varied. It may be that you have been feeling generally unwell and the doctor thinks it best for you to have blood tests; you want to prevent a pregnancy, or indeed become pregnant or need a medical exam for immigration purposes. Whatever the reason is for needing the test, we can provide them for you here at QuickCare Family Medicine by arranging a physical exam in Birmingham. We need to undergo medical tests and physicals as these are important preventative measures to help avoid the onslaught of diseases.

immigration medical test

Some of the medical tests we currently offer include the following:

  • X-ray: If you suspect you may have a broken limb, or you need a chest x-ray because of breathing problems for example, there is no need to visit a hospital as this can be performed quickly and easily in-house.
  • Urinalysis: This is used to discover whether you have a particular illness or condition, such as a UTI, (urinary tract infection,) diabetes or kidney disease. We measure various factors before making a diagnosis; for example, a UTI can make the urine appear cloudy, while increased protein could signify a kidney problem.
  • EKG (or ECG): This will check whether there are any problems with the electrical activity within your heart.
  • Family planning: Some people think this only occurs when you are trying to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, but we can also help you to plan when you would like to have a child by advising you on how to keep healthy and when to stop contraception etc.
  • Immunization program: whether you need a flu jab, or immunizations before a vacation, we can provide them.
  • Weight loss program: We offer a comprehensive program geared to helping you lose weight at a rate which is healthy and safe for you. Unfortunately it is far easier to gain weight than it is to lose it and we can offer various ways of helping you on your weight loss journey, such as Adipex and lipotropic injections. It may be necessary for you to undergo a physical exam at our clinic in Birmingham to ascertain your BMI etc.
  • Immigration medical test: We understand that needing a medical exam for immigration purposes can be a daunting thing to face, but if you come to your immigration medical test in a relaxed frame of mind, you will quickly discover that there is nothing to be afraid or nervous about. It is necessary to have a medical test for immigration to rule out certain conditions and diseases for visa purposes.
  • As a part of your physical exam in Birmingham it may become necessary for you to have a CBC, (complete blood count.) We understand that you may be nervous about having blood tests, but our trained staff will treat you with the utmost courtesy, respect and gentleness.