Urgent Care Center in Birmingham, AL

Urgent Care Center Birmingham AL

Urgent care centers have become a cornerstone of many healthcare for many people in today’s healthcare industry. We at the Quick Care Clinic are proud to serve families in Birmingham, Alabama needing urgent care treatment.

Our urgent care center in Hoover offers two distinct advantages over emergency rooms and primary care physicians:

1) Affordability. The costs at an urgent care center are anywhere from 50% to 75% less expensive than comparable services in an Emergency Room. Just a few examples:

  • Allergy-related issues can often be treated for under $100 at an urgent care center, versus an average of $345 at an ER.
  • Children who suffer frequent earaches might receive treatment costing up to $400 at an ER, versus $110 at an urgent care center.
  • A sore throat may cost you over $500 at the ER; at urgent care? $94.

2) Timely care. A primary care physician is often a patient’s first line of defense when it comes to many healthcare needs. Unfortunately, these offices are often overburdened. It can take several days and sometimes even weeks to get an appointment.

If your primary care physician is unavailable but you need treatment for an acute condition right now, a Birmingham urgent care facility may be your best bet.

In many instances, patients in an urgent care center receive treatment within an hour of walking in. This is even better than most emergency rooms, which treat in order of severity of condition. That means that you could be waiting for several hours if you

The Other Advantages of Urgent Care

birmingham urgent care centers

Aside from same-day availability and the potential for avoiding long wait times in an ER waiting room, urgent care offers other types of flexibility that patients find desirable. For one thing, if you go to urgent care in Birmingham, AL, you are likely to be able to go after hours and on weekends, and even during holiday hours.

The other advantage of urgent care centers is the service they provide to the medical community: specifically, relieving the patient burden for many primary care physicians and emergency rooms. Now, emergency rooms have more freedom to treat those with more serious conditions and can channel less time into those who simply have acute but non-life-threatening situations.

How to Use Birmingham Urgent Care Correctly

If you think that using urgent care might be the best move for treating certain conditions, you might be right. However, it is important for you to make sure you are selecting the right facilities for your needs.

Go to urgent care for any of the following conditions:

  • Cold and flu symptoms. These symptoms can be very uncomfortable but are typically not life threatening. If you have more acute flu symptoms, the ER may be more appropriate, but for most situations, the treatment available at urgent care is sufficient.
  • Allergic reactions. If you are suffering allergy symptoms like a cough, sore throat, runny nose, watery eyes, and sinus problems, urgent care is often an affordable choice.
  • Strains and sprains. Urgent care in Birmingham, Alabama can provide you with braces and appropriate pain medication to manage your strain or sprain. Some facilities are even equipped with an X-ray machine and can let you know if you require further attention due to a fracture or broken bone.
  • Asthma attacks. If you are having a moderate asthma attack with difficulty getting it under control, urgent care can usually render quick and effective treatment.
  • Pink eye. This condition is highly contagious and irritating, but is still given low priority at the ER because it is not life-threatening. Urgent care can usually write you a prescription to reduce the chances of spreading it to others and to get rid of symptoms faster.
  • Urinary tract infections. A urinary tract infection is again highly uncomfortable but not life-threatening. That said, an untreated infection can lead to serious problems with the bladder and kidneys. Timely treatment is therefore recommended.

Aside from these conditions, many urgent care centers also offer other services such as DNA testing in Birmingham, as well as routine immunizations. Some will even conduct physicals to satisfy the requirements for children attending school and joining sports teams, or adults who need a physical for insurance or employment purposes. The Quick Care Clinic offers many of these services at an affordable price, and can usually have patients in and out within an hour of arrival.

When to Go to the ER

While urgent care facilities are highly useful, there are still some conditions which may require you to seek immediate care at an emergency room.

  • Chest pains. If you are experiencing chest pains, you may be having a heart attack. In that case, the best place to be is in an ER.
  • Stroke symptoms. The signs of a stroke include drooping of the face, loss of limb control, slurred speech, confusion, issues with sight, and a sudden severe headache. If you have any of these symptoms, you should skip urgent care and go straight to the ER.
  • Severe bleeding. While urgent care can often help with minor cuts and bruises, severe bleeding should be addressed at the ER, particularly if there is danger of the loss of a limb.
  • High fever. Seek out the ER if you have a sudden fever of unknown origin that has spiked to higher than 101 F or 38.3 C.
  • Severe back or abdominal pain. This type of pain is commonly associated with appendicitis or issues with the gallbladder. This condition can quickly become serious if left untreated, so seek help at the ER right away.
  • Broken bones and dislocated joints. These are conditions requiring assistance from the ER, which can perform x-rays, set bones, and do emergency surgery if needed.
  • Serious burns. Burns are highly painful and run a big risk of scarring if not properly treated.
  • Loss of vision. A sudden loss of vision is usually an indication of a serious illness that should receive immediate emergency attention.


While there are many instances where the ER or your primary care physician are appropriate choices for medical treatment, you can often find high-quality, timely, and affordable treatment at an urgent care center when those options are not available and when your condition is appropriate. Keep Quick Care Family Medicine in mind whenever you need urgent care services in the Birmingham, AL area.