Pediatricians in Birmingham Alabama

Our medical needs can vary at different times within our lives, and often the first change that people experience is when they become parents. When you are a new parent, there can be a bewildering amount of information, (some of it helpful, and some not so helpful!) which you will need to absorb. One of your most important considerations will be whether to choose a pediatrician in Birmingham, Al. or entrust the care of your child to your family doctor.

pediatricians in birmingham alMany patients within my practice have been with me since childhood, as their parents felt that it was best to stay with a family doctor, but one who also had an interest in pediatrics in Birmingham. When thinking about whether to choose a pediatrician in Birmingham, Al. or stay with your doctor, there will be some important points to consider.

Pediatricians in Birmingham Alabama will have undergone three years of speciality training in babies and children, and will see only them. Family physicians have also taken the same amount of training, but on a more general level. However, family doctors in Birmingham, Al will be able to relate to their patients on not only a medical level, but also on a personal level due to the familiarity and trust built up over a period of time. Very often parents will decide to stay with their family doctor rather than choose from Birmingham pediatricians for that very reason.

A family practice residency program covers a great deal more than just pediatrics and members of the American Academy of Family Practice are entreated to take at least 150 hours of on-going medical instruction every three years. This is a big plus point when it is necessary to diagnose and treat sick members of the family. When you decide to increase your family with another baby, your family physician will already be aware of any relevant family medical history and will be able to pinpoint any potential problems speedily, as opposed to having to start all over again with a Birmingham pediatrician.

Birmingham pediatricians, and in fact pediatricians in general will only see babies and children, and therefore may have more difficulty in recognising problems which may arise in older children, which stem from the family history or background. This is when most parents would make the decision to stop seeing a pediatrician in Birmingham and refer on-going care to that of their family physician. However, it can be far easier and less traumatic for children who are more easily upset to see the same doctor from birth and onwards, especially when that doctor already treats the rest of the family. Many people come to see the family physician as being something of a friend and confidante, rather than someone who would only see their children sporadically.

It is best to visit an Urgent Care Center in Birmingham when our children need urgent care, again it can be far easier to refer to the family physician that is already aware of any family history etc. rather than having to explain everything to a person who does not know the child.